Graphic design and illustration

Magazine for RedBull

The great guys at LaCamorra asked me to design a magazine layout for the RedBull Music Academy.RedBull-magazine_02RedBull-magazine_01RedBull-magazine_03

Misratah University

ACXT-Idom is an architecture and ingeniering studio that was asked to design and build a new university campus in Misratah, Libia. This university is going to represent a big step for building a new education plan in Libia and also a link to the past of mediterranean culture. David Diez and I were asked to design paper and interactive material to explain the project conceptually and I had the chance to design various posters.


This poster highlights the mix of modernity and tradition for the campus



Identity redesign, applications, print ads, promotional poster/portfolio and texts for Esese, a spanish architecture studio.




Identity, poster and website for Maxi, a friend, industrial designer and artist.




Matadero Nave 16

Luis Úrculo asked me to do some posters for a video project he did for Matadero, an art museum and creative center in Madrid.


X Bienal de Arquitectura Española

Luis Urculo asked me to do the banner graphics and icons which were then staged and photographed to serve as the core of the Tenth Bianual exhibition of Spanish Arquitecture (X Bienal de Arquitectura Española). I am really proud to have taken part in the latest act of terrorism in favor of fun and humor in architecture, from the creators of the Bohadilla party and many more art gigs.

The biggest (and the most fun) challenge was making dozens of icons to represent extensive and sophisticated architecture projects while keeping susprise half unspoiled. After I got that done, I could focurs on creating the messages with a look 50% improvised 50% intentional, 50% pro 50% amateur, 50% good 50% bad (bad-good).


These are some of the illustrations I've done over the years. I can't say I am a full time illustrator but I like cute shapes and it seems some clients like them too. Lucky me. I hope you like them too.

llustrations that explain the modernization of school books
llustrations that explain the modernization of school books


Graphic experiments or ideas in visual format.




UX and interaction design

Brand and identity design

Moving image


Generative design and the future of creativity

Learn to code but don’t learn to code

Delight, cakes and movies

The flat white and the lean economy

On the rudeness of taste and the market

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