UX and interaction design

Imperial College Business School and KPMG's Data Club

Data Club (visit site here) is a massive initiative by the Imperial College Business School and KPMG to bring the latest academic research in big data to business.

I worked as part of the OPX team as lead visual designer, concept, dev link and co-UX to create a website that demystifies the latest scientific research in big data through clear story-telling and rich but simple visuals.

Visual over Verbal + Succinct over Detailed + Results over Process = Clear introduction to big data

Science group

Science Group is a publicly traded, advanced R&D company with a big portfolio in a tight brand system. They needed to renew their whole web presence following the same cohesive brand approach.

The solution was based in one solid interactive language across all brands that helped solidify the brand perception and ease the user experience. The production was also based on a single modular approach that, despite requiring complex prototyping, careful dev planning and smart design, delivered great results.

The result is four successful massive websites on a tight budget and timeframe, one single modular system capable of achieving unique goals and a single coherent brand system and interactive language.



Artfinder is an startup dedicated to expose mostly unknown painters and photographers to a wider audience and create a market where they can sell their artworks. I worked for Artfinder as in-house designer helping them polish their product and brand into a more focused offering.

I worked along business and dev in a close-knit and fast-paced environment where user research, testing and deployment happen on an almost-daily basis. This helped me analyse data, rise and test hypothesis, extract conclusions, deploy solutions and learn much faster than usual.

Analysis + Testing + Hypothesis + Deployment + Analysis = Learn & use results

One of the biggest projects I took part in was the discovery of a core attribute of our users where their expectations didn’t match our offering. We began most journeis with beautiful big products however, I later learnt through the analysis and testing of email campaigns that users didn’t fall in love through a great presentation, user found the art they love among “the crowd”.

We realized that most of the time the bigger the offering, the better and users were really good at finding their needle in a pretty big haystack. After all, users were used to scan through twitter and tumblr everyday and find what they wanted without much cognitive effort.

We changed the layout of most lists of artworks to a waterfall of content ala Pinterest with excellent results. We greatly improved most metrics, specially the bounce rate, and I forever changed my assumptions about when users expect abundance, simplicity and on what terms.

Holism = UX + Tech + Product + Brand + Marketing and business strategy + Chance

I also spent great effort working on the brand and culture of the company, crystallising disparate business goals into a vision that could bring the team together under more than just KPIs.

The brand was graphically developed once I began but I worked refining a visual and interactive language that structure the brand offer.

Julián Lopez Galán

I did the new identity and website for Julián Lopez Galán. He is an architect with a career that started in 1976 and now in the maturity of his work he wanted a place to showcase hit best work (the latest of course).

It's been very difficult to reflect such long career in the site without being obvious. I just wanted to talk about the works and be true to them and at the same time let the user realize that the works he is seeing are just some among many. A timeline was the only solution but I didn't want anyone to learn to navigate so I kept it super simple and let the works speak for themselves about their date, importance, title and place in Julian's career.

Award winning
Laus prize in the corporate websites category won in 2008


I’ve worked for Base as part of their team by providing information architecture, user experience design, concept development and a lot of team work for lacasaencendida.es.

A highly prominent art and cultural Spanish centre with a dysfunctional site ignored by the users > How can users find what they need?

This project has been one of the biggest and most sophisticated interactive projects I've worked on. Multiple teams, brand and ux guidelines and technical limitations all were a big challenge but they meant a lot of invaluable experience and growth at the end of the project. Loved it 😉

Analysis of past user research + Design planning + Tech specs + Brand guidelines  +Interactive guidelines + Business requirements

Documentation generated
Architecture + Wireframes + User experience strategy  +Visual style guide + Architecture models + Interactive conventions + Interaction guide


Auditorio Miguel Delibes

I've worked embedded in Base's team helping them with all interactive duties on Auditorio Miguel Delibes. That means graphic design, interactive design, information architecture, layout, css and a lot of team work.

With a new beautiful brand developed by Base design, it's time to deliver straightforward interactivity.

Organic process
Brand and interaction teams working together: Brand systems + Experience principles + Develop planning + Content tactics = Design + Develop + Deliver





Community leaders at Ernst & Young

Small website and digital strategy for this PR piece at Ernst & Young.


Christmas design App

Product and UX design for the Crafts council. The briefing asked for a promotional app that could engage users with the mission of Crafts council. We created, in a few weeks, an app that allowed users to design and send a unique christmas card using the works of Christmas council's artists.




Design for a very early restaurant reservation startup. I worked on the UX and design with an already present brand to create reservation experience where curation and simplicity are the protagonists.

Chunky + Playful + Simple + Curated = FourSquare + SquareSpace



Proyecto Nanna

Proyecto Nanna is a non profit project that sells limited edition pieces of famous artists and designers and then use part of the revenue to help kids in the developing world. Sadly, the crisis hit and this project could not become a reality.




Website for José MaríaEzquiaga, one of the most important urban planners in Spain.




Manythings was a young an innovative internet services conglomerate. I helped them analyze the perception of their investors, users and clients to create a brand system. Once we had a sustainable conceptual fundation, we created the name, graphic identity and applications for the group (Manythings) and first project (Tenders).




García Germán architecture

I redesign the brand, applications and website for my friend Jacobo of GarcíaGermán architecture.


Logo redesign and website design. The new identity was not meant to be a tipping point but a subtle redefinition of how the company looked. I tried not to be obvious while introducing the new identity.

Graphic design and illustration

Brand and identity design

Moving image


Generative design and the future of creativity

Learn to code but don’t learn to code

Delight, cakes and movies

The flat white and the lean economy

On the rudeness of taste and the market

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