Magical spirits, translucent metaphors, subtle memories and powerful symbols.


I participated in the Youtube refresh brand project as part of the Saffron team. I focused on digital language implications and graphical exploration. Check out the rest of the project at Saffron's website.


I worked in the brand creation and brand manual for twoBirds, the technological sister brand of the international law firm Bird&Bird. I had the luck of creating a digital-first simple, robust and practical brand that the client loved at first sight.


Brand and app concept for a resurgent insurance company focusing its business in the digital realm.


Small identity for a private tutoring British company that helps students with elite educational institutions admission and studies.


Brand design and brand book planning and design for this new Spanish online bank.


I had the opportunity of developing and designing the brand for this bistro located in Monterry, Mexico. I worked identifying the restaurant's target audience, defining the brand values and designing the name and graphical representation as a natural synthesis of the brand values.

Download the brand strategy

muchomove (2015)

Brand system and name for a this company that creates new formats and markets for interactive video advertising.


I created the name and logo for a new company dedicated to market new interactive and mobile TV applications. The name is a stew of Viyoi's core concept's sounds like Ver(seeing), To be, Hoy(today), Joy, Yo(me), Ya(now).

whitebrand (2005)

This is a brand experiment I imagined on an afternoon a long time ago.


I redesigned the brand for a thriving medium sized software and hardware engineering company that develops wireless and gps applications for heavy and specialized industries. I didn't want base the identity in a logo since that would be limited to a graphical interpretation. Instead I design the identity as a textual representation of the brand. "Amplia" means amplify or widen and with such proper name I decided to eliminate all icons and symbols and translate the logo into an emoticon that sends signals to the future - amplia))) - and is font independent. Also, all textual communication of the company was "encoded" into a fake tongue-in-cheek code joke, again, independent of any visual interpretation.

Some other logos