Graphics for graphics sake. Keeping the graphic muscle strong.

Posters for daisie (2019)

I did some posters and graphics in between product work while at

Magazine for redbull (2008)

The great guys at LaCamorra asked me to design a magazine layout for the RedBull Music Academy.

the twin

I worked filming, directing and shooting and adding graphics for these teasers for

sandy dooley

I did this video on two days, one for shooting and one more for editing under the 1 min max rule. It was a lovely exercise in diligence and narrative requirements. It is true, good design happens under pressure.


We (Luis Urculo and I) did a couple of videos to present and explain two big urbanism projects Junquera-Oval did recently. They already had graphics and documents to explain the projects in detail and as we did before with other clients, we tried to explain the project in a more emotional and aesthetic way. I also did some graphics to serve as indicators in the panoramic shot.


This a video LuisUrculo and I did for Tuñon y Mansilla. We told the story of a proposal TyM planned for Carreau des halles in Paris. We represented the emotional construction of a place and a piece of architecture that could exist.