Generative design and the future of creativity (II)

July 2019

Google playing around with AI

A couple of years ago I was very excited about generative design but all that came out of it was a boring video game. However, this time I think it's different. Machine is now the biggest deal since the internet and designers might have a piece of it.

Machines can now write, see, draw, suppose and compose in real time. Machine Learning is everywhere and we already have it doing useful work in a few tools in Photoshop. It's cool but... only a few tools in Photoshop.

In any technological revolution, the first step is applying the new technology over old models since new paradigms are by definition unimaginable. Hence, that amazing but boring new stamp tool in Photoshop. I am sure they are working on amazing tools but we know paradigm shifts do not improve old tools, they destroy them. Not only I want machine learning to kill the stamp tool, I want machine learning to kill photoshop and we have on contender.

Paradigm shift is creative machines at our command. Apps that write for us, read for us, tweet for us, draw for us, compose for us. Do you get it Adobe? I do not want a better Photoshop, I want a ThoughtShop. I want an app to draw a city based on my favourite celebrity's Instagram and another one to compose a melody based on my Spotify playlists.

There are smart creators coming to the rescue. These guys are selling t-shirts with computer created illustrations and even better, Runaway ML is an app that gets it but it's still too complicated. Just like the first versions of image editors were slightly simplified command line utilities, Runaway ML is just putting some UI on top of the whole ML complication. Very soon they will get stuck and realise they need radical simplicity and that's when the revolution will happen. They need to create the Photoshop 1.0 for ML but I am sure they already know this.

Where is the universal generative editor? How will I be able to connect it to an IFTTT? and even better, how will I be able to connect it to a universal generative content generator? I want software that comprehends content and more software that responds with original content and all of it is controlled with nice, simple and beautiful UI. I demand every Google AI experiment and more with a nice UI on top!

In the industrial era we don't create objects, instead we control machines that create objects for us. In the machine learning era we will not understand or create information new information, instead we will control software that understands and create information for us. Who is up to for creating the new desktop/cloud/whatever software revolution?