grey things designed

I am a product designer based in London and I have been designing digital products and brands since 2000. I am not sick of design yet. That's a feat.

I have designed moving bits, advertising items, services, printed posters and papers, ux bits, digital products, a concrete house and I even ran my own grey studio that I had to close in the debacle of 2008.

I have been lucky enough to win a Laus, a German Design award, almost a Webby and I have been featured in various books, magazines and shows. These days I am now working for Reason London as Head of Design practice where I am learning to worry about all the things that are not design in the world of design


Graphic objects ↓


Self contained visual artefacts where words matter less than layouts

Brand Systems ↓


Big stories crystallised in memorable graphic systems

Digital machines ↓


Experiences articulated with clicks and swipes in electric panels


Design like no designers were watching and you wanted to make your job obsolete.


Would you be a designer if your friends thought you were a plumber? if the answer is no, quit.


Status is the currency of aesthetics and nobody is free to live outside aesthetic hierarchies. Not even you, specially not you.


Constraints are never the problem. Pre-packaged ideas are always the problem.


Learn craft first, systems thinking second, symbolic building third and then mix it all together.


You won't do your best work alone. Users, clients and developers will do your best work with you.

Some files and materials I hope you will like to use on your own work