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A London designer working hard to unite brand, graphic and experience into one holy trinity.
Currently Head of Design Practice at

Un diseñador de Londres trabajando duro para unir marca, gráfica y experiencia en una santa trinidad.

Un designer londinese che lavora duramente per unire marchio, grafica ed esperienza in una santa trinità.


Design like no designers were watching and you wanted to make your job obsolete.


Would you be a designer if your friends thought you were a plumber? if the answer is no, quit.


Status is the currency of aesthetics and nobody is free to live outside aesthetic hierarchies. Not even you, specially not you.


Constraints are never the problem. Pre-packaged ideas are always the problem.


Learn craft first, systems thinking second, symbolic building third and then mix it all together.


You won't do your best work. Users, clients and developers will do your best work.

This is the keynote template I have been using lately and it is time to let it fly free into the world. I tried to reduce it to the bare essentials so you can focus on ideas and forget about layout and typography. I hope you like it :-)

  • Master slides
  • Typographic styles
  • Colour themes
  • Slides
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I am a london-based designer working on graphic, brand, experience and product for money and the kicks of leaving something helpful behind.

I began my career in editorial design for Vanidad magazine in 2000 but soon moved to digital and advertising for studios and agencies like Vasava, Teknoland, Delvico, Ruiz Nicoli Lineas, Maccann Erikson, Shackleton, Replica or DigitasLBi. During those years I designed and created concepts for brands like Diesel, Vodafone, Volkswagen, CocaCola, Inditex, Mercedes, Microsoft, Telefónica-Movistar, Fox, Nokia, ICEX, Cathay-Pacific, Pernod Ricard or Diageo.

After my time working for others I founded a digital and branding studio focused on small and interesting companies. With my own studio I won a Laus Award and was featured in various books and shows, collaborated closely with Base design and had a immensely rewarding learning experience. That pushed me to look for for new challenges and I moved to London in 2012.

Since my arrival in London I had the opportunity to work with startups like Artfinder or Daisie, big agencies like Digitas LBI and brand studios like OPX and Saffron consultants London where I had the opportunity to work with big brands like Youtube or Bankinter (and I even won a German Design Award!).

Now at Reason I work as head of the design practice and I am still loving putting together graphic, product and brand.