Symbolic things laid out in screens that click and pop and go from A to B to wherever.

Daisie is a social network for creatives (2019)

I was lucky enough to be part of the team that launched the first iteration of In less than a year we were able to create a consistent and solid experience in web and mobile where creators could began launching their projects, form communities and find like minded creators anywhere in the world.

I was able to make a big impact in almost every aspect of the product from ideation to articulation to final delivery. Of course the most impactful achievement was that users loved Daisie and real creative projects and teams were indeed generated.

This is the project where I could put to the test all the lessons I have learnt over the years on branding, system thinking, UX, graphic design and team work and I think it was a success. Creating creative social networks is great fun and it pays off.


I designed Saffron's 2017 website as a modular, future proof and focused on impact and clarity coms tool. I also lead the project and run co-creation sessions, instantiated a lean process of continuous improvement and coordinated the build.

This project won the a GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2018 in the digital category.


This app allows users to create a high quality photobooks in a new way. Most Photobook apps of the time asked so many questions up-front that getting a decent book ready took 10 or 15 minutes. I realised this building model adds friction and forgets the experience is not getting a book but a memory they can remember.

I challenge myself to help users create a beautiful book that made sense in less than a minute.

I worked alongside developers devising systems that would allow us to leverage iOS services to create, sort and select the most relevant stories and pictures for the user. We created a point system to evaluate photo clusters according to how likely they could be relevant memories. For example, a "moment" that occurred outside the most usual location, during no more than a week and contained a good range of pictures could be a "moment" that would likely be a trip the user might want to remember. The memory system proved successful in allowing us to shorten the time to checkout from minutes to seconds requiring little attention from the user.


There is also a web based version of the app where the focus is on producing great professional books with more sophisticated layouts and HQ print quality.


Data Club is a massive initiative by the Imperial College Business School and KPMG to bring the latest academic research in big data to business.

I worked as part of the OPX team as lead visual designer, concept, dev link and co-UX to create a website that demystifies the latest scientific research in big data through clear story-telling and rich but simple visuals.


Science Group is a publicly traded, advanced R&D company with a big portfolio in a tight brand system. They needed to renew their whole web presence following the same cohesive brand approach.

The solution was based in one solid interactive language across all brands that helped solidify the brand perception and ease the user experience. The production was also based on a single modular approach that, despite requiring complex prototyping, careful dev planning and smart design, delivered great results.

The result is four successful massive websites on a tight budget and timeframe, one single modular system capable of achieving unique goals and a single coherent brand system and interactive language.


Interactive guidelines manual. Probably the latest guidelines done in PDF, yes I did.


From production ideation, design and delivery; I worked in UX, visual, digital brand expansion (not brand creation) and product design with a heavy dose of gamification and user-behaviour tinkering.

Ernst & Young initiative (2013) — Sberbank (2014)

Lopez Galán website (2008) ↑

Lopez Galán is an architect with a 40 year career who, in the maturity of his profession, decided to create a very special showcase of hit best work. I was lucky enough to take this project for my small studio and thanks to it I grabbed a NATIONAL LAUS BRONZE AWARD.

Reflecting such long career in a succinct but truthful manner was the big challenge. I decided to focus the experience on two simple goals: reflecting the long span of his career and displaying only his last works in an honest way. To achieve this I based the experience on a super simple playful timeline navigation that would let his works speak for themselves. The final piece became a microsite that reiterated the idea of a long but still active and fresh career.

Jacobo García Germán (2009) ↓

I built about many other websites on the back of the engine I built for Lopez Galán

Crafts Council App Concept (2011) ↓

Product and UX design for the Crafts council. The briefing asked for a promotional app that could engage users with the mission of Crafts council. We created, in a few weeks, an app that allowed users to design and send a unique christmas card using the works of Christmas council's artists.

Virgin Media Corporate Culture App (2015) ↑

Best Days is an internal web initiative for Virgin Media that serves to engage individuals with Virgin's values and improve respect, trust, confidence and collaboration among teams. The web-app creates a space around the celebration of big and small moments; from winning a big new client to last night's great karaoke night.

LaCasaEncendida (2006) ↑

This was the first big UX project I did back in 2006 with Base design Madrid. I worked on information architecture, user experience design, concept development and a lot of consulting work for

LaCasaEncendida is a highly prominent art and cultural Spanish centre which had a highly dysfunctional site ignored by the users. The brief was simply to make it serve its users finding what they needed.

I took this project as head of my own studio in 2006 and it was a challenging digital interactive project with big graphic, brand and UX teams, super strict guidelines to follow and hyper detailed technical documentation to create. However at the end of the day it all meant a lot of invaluable experience and growth.

AcensinH (2006) ↑

The name is a play with words that can roughly be translated as "Do without the D". I designed and coded this piece with Flash and ActionScript 2.